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SLEEPOVER MEME: confession, I didn't know orgasms were a thing for women until I was like, 12. THANKS, PATRIARCHY.

I didn’t know until I was like …. Oh god, 14?? Something like that???


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Bonus bad pick up line: California laaadddyyyyyyyy seeend your love to meee


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Future plans

Most days it’s getting up and studying for the GRE complete with the energy to actually put on clothes.

In the long-term though I’m applying for Master’s school to get a degree in Community Ecology, and eventually a PHD in Entomology.

With Community Ecology (the study of how species interact with each other in a particular habitat) and Entomology under my belt, my hope is to study parasitic fly larvae in endangered species in east Africa. Specifically, the Lake Manyara region and the Serengeti. :> 

I have a lot of experiments I would like to do, it’s just … the ability, and that requires funding and credentials and *weeping*

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sehnsuchttraum said: Come get super shitty on wine with me and we can put a beach movie on TV?


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sehnsuchttraum said: Bluuugh you too? I think the planet is actually rejecting us.

Yeah. I was supposed to drive home from OH today but I can’t get out of bed without feeling dizzy and every fifteen minutes need to go to the bathroom

And It’s been getting worse since yesterday when I threw up like 5 times on the drive back from Columbus. 


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sehnsuchttraum replied to your post: “sehnsuchttraum replied to your post:so one of my favorite soups in the…”:
Broth is hit or miss for me too. Like I love demi glace, but beef broth grosses me out for some reason.

RIGHT??? Like when it’s cold I will just DRINK mugs of constituted chicken bouillon, but i won’t do that with beef broth, no.

And I also am seriously picky abut a few tastes, and the taste of peppers is one I do not like very much? Like, bell peppers. And I’m detecting it in my soup for absolutely no reason and it’s putting me off.

Luckily the stuff costs seriously less than 2 bucks to make 6 cups of, so if I don’t eat all of it I guess I won’t feel too bad.

or i totally will

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Jan 20
Bouillon is salty and delicious though

yeah and the broth has some sort of peppery taste i’m really not digging

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Does he sometimes poop in the middle of the hall to protest the state of the Gallows privys?

he doES NOW

And Cullen sees it, and O’Doyle is on the other side of the Gallows courtyard just like O’DOYLE RULES (CLEAN THE PRIVYS)

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You’ve made a cat into a Templar. I love you.

Actually he totally is a cat because he’ll like kill woodchucks and leave them on Cullen’s desk

and just come up out of nowhere and no one has any idea where he came from or where he goes when he’s gone because he doesn’t have a room in templar hall

oh man he really is a cat omfg

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sehn is having a sale on why am I still up writing it’s all terrible and nobody is gonna read it HOLD ME.

just come here and we can drink wine

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Jan 06
motherfraker replied to your post: “i have been doing my fucking BEST to friendship carver and i got a…”:
Carver’s a little sourpuss jerkface.
sehnsuchttraum replied to your post: “i have been doing my fucking BEST to friendship carver and i got a…”:
He’s touchier than a fucking landmine, I swtg.

justicars replied to your post: i have been doing my fucking BEST to f…

kill him

My god I got so angry I had to fucking take a BREAK

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Lust, Greed, Envy--Paimela


Paimela is very sexual. She thinks that having sex is indicative of caring about the person you’re with, and it is the pinnacle of trusting a person and loving them and being devoted to them. She takes it very seriously and it is not something she throws around, probably in part due to her history of abuse. Sex is about worshiping the body in front of you and making that person feel accepted and needed and cared for the way no one else will. She’s shy at first with a partner, but with sex comes trust and eventually her depravity comes through.

There are a lot of “boyfriends” that Paimela has, mostly because I could see her with a handful of different characters but she’s monogamous, so these “boyfriends” are in different universes. You know, what would happen if “x” was different sort of universes.


Paimela is something of a packrat. She doesn’t get rid of much, especially when the things in question hold sentimental value — or they did at some point in time. In her home she had “memory boxes” of junk from her youth that had special meaning to her and brings back a memory she probably wouldn’t think about otherwise. Her memory is godawful so she needs those triggers to remember those things. 

If her companions were to give her things for “approval”, they would be best off trying to give her something they had made or went out of their way for. She loves items that contain pressed flowers or insects, and one of her prized possessions is an amulet with a luna moth pressed in the glass.


Paimela gets bitter quickly and jealous very fast, but she tries very hard to not let it get in the way of her friendships and instead tries to use it as an excuse to get people to teach her things. She is jealous of Nathaniel’s lineage and how close he is to it, and how adept he is at using a bow; Fergus tried to teach her when she was young and she nearly shot out her own eye, and is nearly blind in it. So she asks him to teach her. 

There’s a lot of instances like that. She tries to be happy for people and their success.

One of the really weird things about her and the strangest thing she gets jealous over is when former lovers move on and find new people to be with. She understands how juvenile it is, but if she knows someone was interested in her, even if she wasn’t interested in them in return, she gets jealous and hurt if they find someone new, like they were supposed to be stuck on her forever. Even though in a few days she’s over it and happy for them.

That isn’t a habit that lasts very long, and is probably because of her insecurity in her own relationships. But no matter who she ends up with in that instance, if she’s with them and they’re married or life partners or what have you, having someone devoted to her makes that silly habit stop.

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I despair, because I believe anything and everything is serious for some people.

and i despair because rendon howe is gross

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Dec 24