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Things that make Leliana, Leliana:

These are (arguably) the two most important lines Leliana says to you in the game. Why? Trust and safety. Leliana was a bard, her whole life was lies and deception. Trust was something that got you killed in her line of work. She trusted Marjolaine, loved Marjolaine, and Marjolaine betrayed her, had her tortured and would have had her killed had she not escaped. If you cannot trust the person you love, who can you trust? Leliana may seem frivolous or naive at times, but she carries her past with her.

But she trusts the Warden, even after everything that happened. She trusts that you will keep her safe. She is so guarded with everyone else, talking about shoes or dresses or the Maker, never about herself, and it takes her a long time for her to tell you about her past, but she does, knowing you have every right to send her away. She trusts you enough to tell you of her visions, even when she was mocked and criticized at the Chantry, knowing you could just call her crazy like the others did. 

And safety. Leliana knows that people feel safest right before they are killed. She knows because she’s done it, from her line ‘dying while in the arms of a lovely seductress’. She felt safe with Marjolaine, who was supposed to be her protector, and Marjoliane abused her and framed her as a traitor. She says that she feels ‘safe in your arms’ and we know the last person she shared a bed with was Marjolaine, and she knows how that turned out. But despite all that, despite all the betrayal and pain and torture and deception, Leliana can still find beauty and happiness and safety in the world.

So yeah, more romantic lines have certainly been spoken, but the most romantic lines are not always the most meaningful.

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and the first to be knocked of the to-do list is finally up- aaah~

This is a Birthday commission from Scarsofhonor and Mahuika as a Birthday present for mrsfruitoast! 

Her pretty Warden, Olivia, and Leliana being all cute and snuggly >u<



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a love letter from leliana

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Are you jealous? I could wade through yours if you’d like.

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and then show them theirs.

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This is for hot-elf, who asked me to do a picture as a cover for one of her fanfictions O_O 

It’s a “Leliana’s Song” fiction and was really touching and adorable. I haven’t played the DLC yet, so I hope Silas does look like Silas and Leliana like the small Leliana on the screenshots ^^”“

And Maker… she wanted it coloured *shifty eyes* I hope this is not a total failure D: I have no real clue about digital colouring - I REALLY look forward to colour traditional again!!! 

( texture from arghus )

Ooooh nice! This is beautiful

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Leliana & Morrigan

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The righteous stand before the darkness, and the Maker shall guide their hand.

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“All I wanted was a way out. For us.”

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“Oooh, it’s one of those cute subterranean bunny-pigs!”

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oops i zevliana’d

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oops i zevliana’d

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Leliana by ~DancinFox

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