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I unfollow for untagged posts.

heretherebdragons replied to your post: > gets on tumblr > “OH MY GOD I JUST HATE LOGHAIN…

I’m seriously considering unfollowing people for Loghain hate. It’s gotten bad lately, so much that my initial reaction to seeing him on my dash is dread and fear that ONCE AGAIN someone is hating. He’s my favorite; I shouldn’t have to feel that way.


Everyone is allowed to have their feelings on characters, for sure.

But when a post or comment isn’t critical, is just “God I hate __” or “____ is such a shitty character” i just can’t even with them

like, sorry you don’t like them, but I do

I don’t go on about my Fenris dislike because I know people like him and he’s people’s favorites and NO ONE CARES HE’S NOT MINE

just common courtesy I think

[Seriously earlier I saw people on my dash “bonding” over characters they hated


"oh my god you hate Leliana too? OMG!"

tha’ts nice shut up]

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    Yes. This. It’s really not all that difficult to just NOT be an asshole. Hell, I even try to be respectful when I talk...
  2. autumnyte said: TBH, I don’t understand why people feel the need to post character hate. I’m not talking about reasonable critiques, or even venting about a widely beloved character behind a cut with a warning. I’m talking about the glee some people seem to feel.
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